Euroject Range


Euroject Range

All Euroject injectors feature the Veenhuis parallelogram element that allows of optimum track and soil following abilities. The construction and suspension of the parallelogram element ensures continuous fertilisation at 90˚. The Euroject also features the unique triple plated discs that is self-sharpening and durable.

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The Euroject range of injectors stands above competitors with the development of 2 innovative elements

The Veenhuis Parallelogram arm element allows for increased travel providing constant disc pressure in uneven soils whilst keeping the outlet boots at 90˚ to the surface. This is combined with the triple plated discs that keep the leading edge sharp therefore maintaining performance in the field.

Euroject Pro
The Euroject Pro is the ideal professional injector for trailer slurry tanks and self-propelled vehicles. The Veenhuis parallelogram design and suspension ensure that both tracks and ground contours are followed with the rubber outlet supplying fertiliser consistently at a 90˚ angle. The Euroject Pro also features a unique three-part cutter disk that remains sharp even as it wears. It's ideal for fertilising fields for cereal crops whilst ensuring your grass isn't damaged.
Euroject Twin

The Euroject Twin slurry injector can prepare livestock farmers, arable farmers, and contractors for new legislation. This injector can be used in row culture and is available in working widths from 7.88 to 8.63 metres. The Euroject Twin has robust, low-maintenance, lubrication free bearings. The twi discs feature a moveable spring suspension per outlet pair and the main frame allows for pendulum movement to ensure optimal ground contour following. It is equipped with twin sets of discs that require less force to cut soils in dry conditions. The discs are arrange at 187.5mm distances and combined with section control, therefore it this injector can be used to fertilise rows.