Umbilical Systems

Benefit from better soil and non-stop fertilisation

The combination of up to 12m working width and low soil compaction of your land during injection guarantee the best possible crop growth. A range of our injectors can also be presented as umbilical systems.


The Rotomax offers a low compaction and crop smearing solution to allow the best use of digestate, by being able to deliver when conventional systems are unable to get on the land.


Quanta Pump Unit

The Quanta pump unit pumps slurry from the store to the injector with a combination of a vacuum and centrifugal pumps. The pump unit can also be equipped with a hydraulically controlled suction arm featuring a centrifugal turbo to be placed directly into slurry store. The two-compartment tanker has an 11,000 litre capacity with high performance centrifugal pump working at 300m3/ hour. The unit can be remote controlled and is equipped for water flushing of the delivery pipework. SECOND-HAND QUANTA PUMP UNIT NOW AVAILABLE

Premiumject Range

The Premiumject range features an umbilical system with an injector to ensure minimal soil compaction as well as optimal spreading.