Fullject X-Line


Fullject X-Line

The new Veenhuis Fullject x-line delivers the best injection process for every application. The Veenhuis Fullject X-line is lower in weight, has wider working widths and is safe on the road with at least 35 cm ground clearance and a maximum of 4 metres transport height on all models.

The Fullject X-line derives its name from the new X-line element attachment; a unique low-maintenance attachment cross. This cross ensures lower service requirements with easier maintenance as it is lubrication-free. The cross attachment also ensures optimal force induction

Designed for both grass and arable land, the Fullject X-line, with its innovative design, is a machine that is powerful, economical, and practical. Furthermore, the open construction makes the parts easy to clean and readily accessible for cleaning or maintenance if required.

Core attributes:

  • Precise, efficient manure application for optimal crop growth
  • Lightweight yet incredibly durable
  • The Working depth is the same across the entire span regardless of the unevenness of terrain
  • Road friendly due to compact transport functionality and overall dimensions
  • In addition to inherent Veenhuis build quality there is an 80% saving on Zinc this without compromising corrosion resistance due to MicroZINQ® technology
  • Equipped with the well-proven ‘Veenhuis SplitFlow’ cutting distributor optimal flow is maintained
  • Less potential damage of mixing oil and manure because of the robust drive of the cutting distributor with it’s double seal
  • Fitted with pneumatic foot valves, so the injector can be optionally closed per two elements. This makes it possible to divide the working width into more sections that can be switched automatically via GPS/RTK.

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