Interbenne Grain Cart Range


Interbenne Grain Cart Range

The Interbenne Grain Cart Range offers 3 functions in one machine, suitable for harvesting, seeds, and fertilisers. The technical specification features a multi-positional auger, hatch inside the tank, and clutch on the bottom auger that is idea for versatility. The Interbenne features a narrow chassis that allows large and low-pressure tyres with the maximum width of 3m. The adjustable draw bar with hydraulic suspension offers high comfort on road and fast driving in field. Use of the Interbenne during harvest can increase in productivity by 25% due to less combine stops. During seeding period, there is the fast loading functions of seeders for the best logistical optimisation. For the fertiliser spreading period, less operators are required therefore this reliable, quality technology offers simple and easy maintenance in all applications. Options and modifications include grid options, PVC extension options, and remote control options. AIS have an almost-new Interbenne 27 Chaser Bin available to purchase. For more details, visit here

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Technical Data

Interbenne 27
Capacity: 27m3 (tandem) Draining Auger: 500mm Bottom Augers: 300mm Unloading speed: 10m3/min Unloading Height: 2 - 4.3m Tank Width: 2.54m Empty Weight: 8.9T
Interbenne 38
Capacity: 38m3 (tridem follow) Draining Auger: 500mm Bottom Augers: 350mm front and behind Unloading speed: 15m3/min Unloading Height: 2-4.3m Tank Width: 2.54m Empty Weight: 11.1T
Interbenne 46
Capacity: 46m3 (tridem follow) Draining Auger: 700mm Bottom Augers: 400mm front and behind Unloading speed: 23 m3/min Unloading Height: 1.1 – 4.8m Tank Width: 2.54m Empty Weight: 13.6T