Perfektline Tanker


Perfektline Tanker

The Veenhuis Perfektline tanker range is the new entry level range from Veenhuis, ideal for farmers and small contractors looking to maximise use of slurry and digestate. The Veenhuis structure and integrity ensures that this tanker is capabable to take an injector for slurry, or a range of other slurry applications. The Perfektline tanker is a galvnised tank with an integrated chassis, with single and double axle options available. The tyres are BKT 800/65 R32 as standard. The vacuum pump is mounted at the front of the drawbar and is MEC II - capable of 13,500L/minute. The double acting 3-point linkage with Walterschied link hooks ensure that the Perfektline can handle injectors and other LESSE. There is a hydraulic manifold-unit (hydro-control) with step-switching for conrtol of grass and arable land injectors. This can handle lifting/lowering, rear valve, and macerator.

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The Ultimate Entry Level Slurry Tank

The Veenhuis Perfektline Tanker is the perfect step for farmers and small contractors to embrace LESSE and utilising slurry and digestate to maximise return and reduce dependency on artificial fertilisers. It is able to handle LESSE add-ons with no problems whilst still being competitively priced within the market.