The new Veenhuis Quad-Shift is part of Premium Tank range that is perfect for the application of slurry on grass and arable land. This innovative new tanker combines minimum soil pressure with maximum capacity. It features 4 equally large wheels turning independently as opposed to single axle tankers. The Premium Quad-Shift features a unique sliding construction that allows the out wheels to extend up to 65 centimetres to prevent overlap with tractor wheels. The 4 wheel independent hydraulic pendulum construction ensures that the pressure on each wheel is the same per cm2 is as low as possible. The hydraulic suspension has a transport mode that ensures the tank is very stable but which extra driving comfort. Enjoy the ability to put manure on the fields in a short period of time without damaging the soil structure and roads.

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The Innovative Quad-Shift Additions

The Veenhius Quad-Shift can be linked with GPS system and automatic section control on the injectors for grass and arable land. This prevents overlap of fertilisation as well as the option of the NutriFlow sensor, so manure can be analysed in ‘real-time’ and dosed in conjunction to what the manure needs.