The unique Veenhuis Rotomax slurry reel has been developed to reap the benefits of continuous application and low ground pressure, but with reduced crop damage & shorter set-up times when compared to a standard umbilical system. Contrary to a regular umbilical system, the Rotomax lays down the supply hose with a swivelling arm and picks it up again in the same place. As the injection combination does not have to drag the hose along the ground there is significantly less traction damage in the crop from the tractor, but also no crop smear and plant damage. The reel is capable of carrying up to 700m of pipe, offering large coverage (up to 40ha) in one set up. SECOND-HAND ROTOMAX NOW AVAILABLe

For more details, please ring 01842 898 515

The Benefits of the Veenhuis Rotomax

  • Continuous high output
  • Reduced set up times compared to standard umbilical systems
  • Reduced ground pressure compared to tankers, including offset draw bar and extending axles
  • Reduced traction damage
  • No crop smear or plant damage
  • Improved lifetime of pipework
  • ISOBUS linked with sectional control
  • Compatible with the Nutri Flow for accurate real-time nutrient delivery