Terraject Range


Terraject Range

The Terraject range consist of 4 series of arable land slurry injectors. The range consists of a variety of machines suitable for different applications. They are all suitable for additional equipment including cage rollers, crumbler rollers, tooth harrows, and drag tooth additions.

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Terraject 200
The Terraject 200 has been developed for injecting slurry on arable land and is suitable for all types of soil. It is the ideal machine for a towed tanker and requires little traction due to the spring tines. There are two rows of these spring tines with durable chisels. The support wheels with flotation tyres on the injector ensure precise adjustment of working depth and height variation It is available for 4 working widths: 4.72m, 5.31m, 5.90m, and 6.49M.
Terraject 300

The Terraject 300 is Veenhuis’ widest arable land injector with working widths ranging from 6.96-8.12m. It is ideal for towed and self-propelled tankers with 3 rows of spring tines with durable chisels that inject and work in the slurry simultaneously alongside steplessly variables in height.

Terraject 400

For professional contractors, we recommend the Terraject 400 featuring 4 rows of tines that should be used for large slurry tankers or self-propelled tankers. There are 3 working widths available for the Terraject 400: 5.32m, 5.88m, and 6.44m. The spring tines and chisels are durable and ensure precise fertilisation with variable working depths.

Terraject Disc

The Terraject Disc is a disc harrow-injector that cuts loose the stubble, inverses it, and injects slurry all at once for perfect tillage. It is provided with two rows of crenelated discs alongside four support wheels that are adjustable in height. This machine is perfectly suited for large towed tankers and self-propelled tankers with 3 working widths available in 4m, 5m, and 6m.