Trailing Shoe Injector – Slotted Coulter Injectors


Trailing Shoe Injector - Slotted Coulter Injectors

The Trailing Shoe Injector range is available in five variants, with working widths ranging from 4.56 metres to an expansive 7.6 metres, each featuring a coulter distance of 19 cm. As with all Veenhuis products, the build quality and robustness are second to none. Practicality is built-in, with large coulter blades that are hydraulically foldable and galvanised coulter parts that are suspended in pairs.

Automatic terrain contouring is achieved through spring leaf suspension, and optional hydraulic shut-off valves add to the control capability, allowing for the right level of groove to be cut into the ground in preparation for the Injectors. On the road, the folding mechanism provides compact transportation, supported by LED lights and there is even a mechanical transport protection with a coulter cover

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Trailing Shoe - Model Range & Specification

Trailing Shoe 4.56
No. Of Blades 24 Working Width 4560cm
Trailing Shoe 5.32
No. Of Blades 28 Working Width 5320cm
Trailing Shoe 6.08
No. Of Blades 32 Working Width 6008Cm
Trailing Shoe 6.84
No. Of Blades 36 Working Width 6840cm
Trailing Shoe 7.60
No. Of Blades 40 Working Width 7600cm