Veenhuis Rotomax, Quanta Pump Unit, & Euro 1200 Injector



This second-hand Veenhuis set is the ultimate choice for smart slurry and digestate solutions and includes the Rotomax reel system, quanta slurry pump unit, and the Euro1200 slurry injector. The Veenhuis Rotomax is our award-winning umbilical reel system. This example includes a strong chassis, slidable axle, hydraulic linkage, air brakes, and a new 600m 4 1/2" hose. The tyres are 900/6032 Alliance I-393. Also included is the Quanta Pump Unit with a galvanised chassis, single axle, 2-compartment tank with total capacity of 11m3. It has a vacuum pump MEC-HV capabable of 6,500L/min with an 8" micro turbo and 8" line through water-tank to filly the slurry tanker. The Euro 1200 injector features penumatic shut off valves, 3 point linkage attachment, hydraulic folding with transport locking device, and disc spacing of 1875mm. The slurry outlet hoses are 40mm and rubber outlet nozzles are 40mm.

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